Swansea Wedding Photographer – Connor & Erica’s engagement session

We love Dunraven Bay at Southerdown for portrait shoots. Youve got the best of both worlds, wood and green grass, then he cliffs and the beach all in one place. We suggest a few places to our couples and they nearly always love the sound of Southerdown, not that we mind at all. We spend the afternoon with Connor and Erica for their engagement photoshoot before Connor heads back to work at the Royal Navy. ¬†Sadly they aren’t looking for a Swansea Wedding Photographer like ourselves as they are getting married in the states (we did offer to fit in their cases) but it was a pleasure all the same to be their engagement celebration photographers even though two out of three of us were full of cold, and it was a very “fresh” day. Couples portraits down all have to be stuff smile at the camera, its about the two of you just having a cwtch and some fun along the way.