Swansea Wedding Photographer – Oldwalls at Christmas

Ahh, our last but one wedding of the year for 2016 with two fabulous people. Sometimes when we hear of Christmas themed weddings, the first thing that springs to mind is tacky decorations and loads of tinsel, but of my gosh this couldn’t have been further from it. Every single detail was considered and done beautifully. That cake!! Its like a work of art! Rhiannon and Christian found us on their search for a Swansea Wedding Photographer and we had so much fun on their big day. its always a challenge when the light drops early in the winter, but luckily we are a dab hand at some funky flash photography and they were both more than up for it. The day was filled with smiles, hugs and a huge warmth of yumminess and it was such a pleasure to be a part of their day and to document it for them.

Oldwalls is always a fab venue to photograph at, the staff are amazing, the food is outstanding (they feed us too :-)) and theres plenty of options for locations to have your bridge and groom portraits either on site or local to the wedding venue. If you are getting married at Oldwalls and are searching for your own special Swansea Wedding Photographer we would love to hear from you. While you’re here, check out these two beautiful weddings at Oldwalls too – [ Laurie & Christian at Oldwalls ] and [Danni & Ryan] .