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Weddings can be awesome, fun and emotional all at the same time. For us, weddings are all about about the people, the connection and the love they share. What weddings aren’t to us are candy carts, chocolate fountains, dove releases and a million group shots (but we do encourage a few). The importance of family and and friends and your love for one  another is above everything thing else. When we photograph a wedding every person there is important to us, which is why when we work as a duo, we aim capture as much of your day as possible, especially the things which you didn’t see. Thats not to say however that we don’t love an alternative wedding theme, beautiful details or something completely off the wall. We’ve had brides and grooms in a skate park, and couples standing in a  field of cows, but one thing we wont do, is make you stand and stare at us awkwardly, not smiling, like you hate us – we promise!


Why choose us

We always work a duo, and being a married couple we are scarily in tune with each other, and we actually don’t argue at all about what we should be doing. This might sound like a little bit of a cliche, but we know what the other is thinking and what this translates to is a relaxed and seamless  flow to your day with a male/female perspective, and a consistency in our combined styles. It is often argued that a woman will pay more attention to details and human connections, where a male may be more focussed on the perfect technical shot, so with the two of us you get the best of both worlds. We love being a Swansea wedding photographer team, but we’re never shy to jump in the car and travel for a wedding, so if you are across the border or even across the pond, we are more than up for some sight seeing and travelling for a wedding.


Break the mould

There are several “traditional” parts of the day which are well, traditional. The cutting of the cake and the FAKE singing of the register are deemed big parts of the day, but theres nothing more awkward and staged than being forced to sit and smile with a pen in your hand over a blank piece of paper. The same goes with the cutting of the cake, followed by a line up of your guests catching that same staged moment. Instead of standing there shouting smile, we take a different approach capturing your guests and a yourselves from a distance.

The only time we may take a little control is for your bride and groom portraits, but even then most of the time its only a “give her cwtch” or “give him a smooch”. Other than that we let you be yourselves, chat, relax and take a moment for yourselves.

We never try to carbon copy the last wedding, each wedding is special and unique and we always try to push the boundary of our creativity. If you’ve got a crazy idea, we’d love to know!



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